Monday, May 7, 2007

Batak Textiles Bibliography

"Selected Batak Textiles: Techniques and Function" and "Additional Batak Cloths that Frequently enter into the Gift Exchange" by Mattiebelle Gittinger published in The Textile Museum Journal Vol IV number 2 in 1975. Much quoted articles on Batak weaving techniques including that of the extended warp of the Ragidup.

"Exchanging Warp in the Batak Ragidup and Bulang" by Sandra. A Niessen in The Textile Museum Journal Volumes 27 and 28 1988 and 1989 published in 1990. ISSN 0083-7407. Article on warp exchange - both extension and substitution of the Toba and Simulgan Batak following on from the Gittinger 1975 article and based on Niessen's 1980s' research amongst Batak weavers.

"Batak Cloth and Clothing: A Dynamic Indonesian Tradition" by Sandra. A Niessen in series 'The Asia Collection' published by Oxford University Press in 1993 ISBN 967-65-3040-9. The book examines factors which inspired the Batak to wear Malay and European styles on a daily basis and to reserve the use of their hipcloths and shouldercloths for ceremonial occasions.

"Motifs of Life in Toba Batak Texts and Textiles" by Sandra. A Niessen published by Foris Publications in 1985 ISBN 90-6765-067-6. Based on Niessen's PhD dissertation. The role of textiles in Batak culture examining their role in mythology, the kinship system and local conceptions of fertility, time, and space. Pays special attention to the logic of the Toba Batak anology of woven textiles and 'textiles which do not wear out' viz women.

"The Batak: Peoples of the Island of Sumatra" by Achim Sibeth published by Thames and Hudson in 1991. ISBN 0-500-97392-X. A record of the Batak cultural achievement - over 650 items illustrated: wood carvings, bronze objects, jewelry, textiles and weapons drawn from ethnographic museums and various private collections in Euruope.

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