Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bahasa Batak

Language information: “Batak” is a group label for a number of ethnic groups and their languages of the northern highlands of the Indonesian Island of Sumatra (Sumatera) and some surrounding islands:


  • Dairi (southwest of Lake Toba around Sidikalang)
  • Karo (west and northwest of Lake Toba)
  • Alas-Kluet (northeast of Tapaktuan and around Kutacane)
  • Simalungun (northeast of Lake Toba)
  • Angkola (Sipirok area)
  • Toba (Samosir Island and east, south and west of Lake Toba)
  • Mandailing (northwest coast)

Of these, Angkola and, more widely, Mandailing approaches the status of general Batak.

Most Bataks speak the national language, Indonesian, as well, and this language variously influences the Batak languages. Batak languages are used as foreign languages by some local speakers of Indonesian and Chinese languages.

Traditionally, the Batak languages are written with several closely related varieties of the Batak script, which, like most scripts of the Philippines, is derived from the ALL languages and dialects are beautiful, precious gifts. So cherish yours and others! Share them with the world! Brahmi-based Pallava script of Southern India. Though Batak script tradition is being continued by some, these days the tendency is to use the Roman script and to generally follow the spelling system used for Indonesian.

Much outsider’s pioneering work on and with Batak languages has been done by the Lutheran missionary Ludwig Ingwer Nommensen (1834–1918) who grew up in predominantly North-Frisian- and Low-Saxon-speaking Schleswig-Holstein, then under Danish administration, now under German administration. Today’s predominantly Lutheran Batak people consider him a “holy person” (ompu i).

Genealogy: Austronesian > Malayo-Polynesian > Sumatran > Northern > Batak Historical

Lowlands language contacts: Dutch


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Anonymous said...

Baca link ini tentang buku "Tuanku Rao" bila anda ingin mengetahui atau mendalami sejarah Batak:

Buku bisa dibeli di toko-toko buku terdekat- Gunung Agung, Gramedia dsb.